Featured Artist - Kat Guimapang


As a Southern California native, Kat found her passion for the water through surfing and competitive outrigger canoe paddling. Breaks at Seal Beach and sessions out in Marina del Rey quickly became a second home.

Before focusing on her art, Kat got quite good at "doing the wrong job." It wasn't until she left her job in 2016 when she finally pursued a career in creating art. Her approach to creativity is simple, “every idea can be turned into a story, it's just a matter of finding the right medium.” As an avid surfer and paddler, her love for the sea influences most of her art in the hopes of creating awareness for our oceans. With a mixture of emotion, color, and whimsy she lets those three factors take the lead when creating her pieces.

“Art was something I always enjoyed, but I had no idea how important it was to me and how much it would influence my life.” When Kat suffered from a serious injury that sidelined her from the water, she was removed from an element that was a party of her daily life. However, it was this unfortunate time out from the sea that influenced her collection of surf inspired art: Neon Waves. Being in the water to escape from the day to day grind was a common routine for Kat. Her thoughts behind her collection stemmed from this concept, “If I can’t be in the water, I might as well do the next best thing and paint it.”

Artists paint what they know, and for Kat being a female surfer and paddler meant more than just being a “girl out there with the guys.” Neon Waves is a collection dedicated to all those women who have been making their mark on the water. She uses vibrant colors and intricate brush strokes to highlight the movement, strength, and playfulness female surfers exude in the water.

Incorporating her art with ocean conservation is an important factor. She’s teamed up with organizations like: Ocean’s of Hope, The Surfbus Foundation, and the Changing Tides Foundation to help raise awareness and donate money to their amazing causes.

Besides being in the water, Kat is also a published children’s book writer/illustrator (How Do You Spell Courage) coffee enthusiast, and an avid sandwich eater. 

Connect with Kat on instagram: @katheraptor

Come of Kat's Designs:

"Standing" Crop Top

"Lazy Saturday"


"Lazy Saturday"

"Neon Waves"

"Deep Breath...Deep Sea" Crop Top

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