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Humming Art Studio features the art of Yuko Umeda. Yuko's beach themed graphics represent a fun vibe that fits perfectly for the vision of Oceanic Nature. The featured designs are bold and have a elegant and playful simplicity. Men's, Women's and unisex apparel is available with Humming Art Designs. Here is Yuko's bio:

"My name is Yuko Umeda, and I'm an artist/illustrator based in Northern California. I was born and raised at the seaside in beautiful Kanazawa city, Japan. My grandfather was an officer in the Japan Coast Guard – this brought my family and I to the ocean often. As a child I loved swimming and skiing as well as creating and painting.

During my time as a university student in Tokyo I traveled abroad often to discover new cultures and beautiful sights while working various part-time jobs. On my final university trip I made a stop on the Hawaiian islands and felt a special familiarity to the beautiful oceans and nature; I decided then that I would come back soon.

In 2006 I finally made the move Oahu as an employee at a tour company. That’s when I started surfing at the beautiful Waikiki beach. It didn’t take long for surfing to become one of my most important daily practices. I paddled out on the water every day before or after work; it was a very precious time for me to touch the silky ocean water and to spend time away from land where noise, technology, responsibilities and other distractions filled my busy life.

My surfing habit inspired me to transform this passion into the arts and drawing that I had loved so much earlier in my life. I moved to Northern California in 2016 and started “Hummingart Studio” as a result. I draw what I love and a lot of my inspiration comes from life by the ocean. Drawing for me is like surfing – exciting and challenging while bringing about a meditation-like form of relaxation.

One day a customer who bought one of my pieces told me, “I went to Honolulu on my honeymoon about 20 years ago and the illustration reminds me of one of the happiest moments in my life." I want to create more happiness to all who enjoy my art and I have realized that art’s real worth is the meaning that it brings to the owner. I still surf a few times a week and create my illustrations for different food and apparel companies. I will keep pushing forward as an artist and hope to continue to bring positivity to others in the world through my art. " Learn more about Humming Art Studio at HummingArtStudio.com

Some of the Humming Art Designs:

"Beach Collection"


"It's Showtime"

"It's Showtime"

"I Left My Heart in Waikiki Beach"

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