Featured Artist-Caroline Sandmeier

Caroline Sandmeier is one of our featured artists for October 2017. Her mixed subject matter and variety of art formats made her a perfect match for Oceanic Nature's apparel. We are so glad to have partnered with Caroline. Every shirt you purchase from Caroline's collection directly pays Caroline and also contributes to ocean conservation funds through the Surfrider Foundation. Here is Caroline's Bio:

My name is Caroline Sandmeier, and I'm from New Smyrna Beach, Fl. Creating has always been a been a part of my life starting from before I can remember. I was always drawing or coloring. Art classes in school seemed like a privilege and a gateway for me rather than an easy class or just a space filler. Being by the ocean and growing up surfing, there has always been an influence of the sea in my art. When I started getting more focused on my art, I always tried to portray my heroes in the surfing world. The people I respected most were the women surfers travelling the world, and most of them worked alongside organizations or efforts to improve ocean health and the world around them. Learning to surf at about 10 years old, I really felt that connection to the ocean, and it fueled me into writing and sketching constantly. Eventually, through my family supporting a young kid who loved to create, I found acrylic paints and fell in love. Most of the pieces I made within the past 10 years have been acrylic paintings, though I've been trying new mediums like ink and watercolor recently.
Going to college and focusing on my love for sciences, however, I devoted less time to art for a few years. It felt like neglecting an important part of myself. Now, I've made a commitment to create something new every day. I definitely know that, skillwise, I have a long way to go, even if just to get back to where I've been. Still, just devoting the time to draw or paint or even thinking about the next idea, is such an important outlet for me. Art lets me maintain that connection to myself that life sometimes distracts us from. It's my way of reflecting my love for the ocean and giving it a voice when it needs one. 

As a generally impatient and high-energy person, it takes a conscious effort to slow me down. Art is a major solution for me in that way, because I know that if I want to create something worthwhile and that I'm proud of, I have to take my time. I have to slow down and focus on what I'm doing. It's a skill I try to take with me everywhere, or else I'd probably miss absolutely everything going on around me. And then sometimes I get to rush everything and make a huge mess without giving a dang and that's part of the fun of being an artist (or a human, really). Art allows me to showcase my femininity in a way that doesn't always translate in my daily life (mostly because I'm a messy child in a woman's body). I believe everybody should incorporate some creative endeavor in their lives, because it keeps us in touch with ourselves, the people we want to be, the things we love, and clears the mind. It keeps us young. It lets us be funky and weird or precise and concentrated. Art means you are a perpetual student. It's one of those things where you can always improve. Creating is a part of my life that I will carry with me forever, and the ocean will always be my biggest influence. It's what makes me who I am.  I hope that people look at my pieces and feel that connection, too.

Some Of Caroline's Designs:



"No Worries"

"Morning Slide"

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